Who are we??

We are two brothers, Dan & Pete and our brand is all about giving back to our Community.
We believe that everyone can make a difference in their own way and by supporting us, you are helping those around you.
We work alongside our Community and raise funds through Giving Back campaigns.
In the last few years we have donated thousands of pounds to local projects and this has all been made possible through your ongoing support 🙏

Some of Our Giving Back Campaigns

With your help, we have raised thousands of pounds that have gone back into our local Community. Here are just a few of our projects:

£600 for Mentivity

£800 for Brixton Street Gym

£400 for Mind over Matter (collab with Zemk Cares)

£1015 for Resole

£720 for Brixton Soup Kitchen (collab with Lazy Scientist)

Our Black Friday - Give Back Basketball Tee and Hoodie Go Live on Friday 24th November 🏀🏀

A little while ago, we were approached by London Hoopz to see if we could work together…..

They are a Community driven duo, that have a contagious passion for Basketball and are committed to making safe spaces for people to enjoy Basketball.

They are raising funds to regenerate Mayatts Fields Basketball Half Court and 100% of profits from the sale of these Tees & Hoodies will go towards it 🏀🏀