As a brand we have always wanted to give back to our Community and help where we can.

So in November 2021 on Black Friday, instead of sales and special offers we are launched our Giving Back Collection with 100% of profits going to Resole.

Resole is a charity based in Brixton that are re-generating communities one sole at a time.   They distribute new and used trainers to the homeless, care-leavers,  refugees and those living below the poverty line.

They do lots of outreach work both locally and nationally and are making a massive difference to those they help. 

We all know how good it feels to put on a new pair of trainers, and we hope that the people that Resole help, can feel a little bit of that.

With your support, we managed to raise £1015 which went straight back into our Community through the amazing work that Resole does. 

If you are local to Brixton and would like to help, then please donate any pre-loved trainers (that are still in reasonable condition) to Resole, they are based in Brixton Village. You can take them along to the hub and drop them off or let us know and we can organise getting them collected. 

We strongly support the Resole ethos and are very proud to be working alongside them🙏❤️

You can also catch us at their hub doing our quarterly pop up shop, follow our socials where dates will be announced. 

If you would like to know more about Resole then please follow them on:

Instagram @resolecic

Facebook: Resole


Written by Kate Adams

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