This Giving Back was our Brixton Heat & Brixton Sweet sauces. Can’t believe these sold out in less than 24 hours 😳

We did heat for Dan and sweet for Pete as he’s a wimp when it comes to spicy 🌶️ 

In November 2021 we headed down to the Brixton Soup Kitchen to hand over a cheque for £720 to the main man Solomon.

The work they do at the Soup Kitchen is just priceless and those running it, are very selfless individuals who command our respect. They represent all that is good in our Community. 
 They provide hot food, support & counselling for people in need. 

So a massive thank you to all of you that bought from us and also to Stephen from Lazy Scientist that made the sauces free of charge so that we could put as much money back into the Community.

If you would like to know more about Brixton Soup Kitchen or would like to help support then please follow them on their socials:

Instagram: @brixtonsoupkitchen

Facebook: Brixton Soup Kitchen & Support Centre 

If you would like to support Stephen who makes the most amazing chilli sauces

Instagram: @lazyscientistchilli

Facebook: Lazy Scientist Sauces

Website :

Written by Kate Adams

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